Meeting March 8, 2017

Genes and Society in the News

  •  AARP Magazine article Feb/March 2017: “Got Cheap Genes: How you spend and save may well be built into your brain.” Pp.34, 35,86
  • MIT Knight journalism program launched a digital science magazine, Undark in the spring of 2016 and is currently exploring other innovative ways to interact with and support the global science writing community.   There is an article about Razib Khan who was hired by the NYTimes but then fired. He is connected to white nationalists and makes the genetic arguments from papers that have used STRUCTURE to support biological races.  Does UNDARK consider anything submitted?
  •  Gene therapy for sickle cell disease passes preclinical test. Harvard Gazette.
  • Science demonstration at AAAS with Posters: “Objective Reality Exists” Do we agree with this a as a good motto? Probably not.
  • Second cousins that don’t share any DNA!! What does this say about ancestry testing?

Article for Discussion:

Discussion Topics

  • Critical of the lack of uniformity in defining populations that are being tested for a mutation connected to diabetes.
  • The result is generalizations may be made about frequency of the mutation in racial and ethnic groups.
  • Replications should be in populations that are clearly of the same origins.

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