Meeting April 5, 2017

Genes and Society in the News:

Articles for Discussion:

Discussion points:

  • Meaning of “person years”
  • Discussion of NCAA testing. (Why not focus on hydrated practices for all?)
  • Self-report of race—related to known ancestry
  • Are they including/controlling for other factors that affect kidney disease (lifestyle factors?) How matched are the populations?
  • Used blacks in this study because of health disparity- higher incidence of end-stage renal disease
  • Limitation- can be something else in the haplotype linked to SCT. (Candidate gene/association, not causative)
  • There are kidney diseases related to hypertension; there’s more hypertension in African Americans (another health disparity)
  • In bigger picture, studies like these (or attempts to understand disease in general where the approach includes breaking down in relationship to race) reify race. Or, is this not an issue with this study in that self-identified blacks composed study and control group.

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