Meeting April 19, 2017

Genes and Society in the News:

  • Testing can’t differentiate between identical twins: a new test challenges that! There are always a few mutational differences. But David Housman (MIT) argued that it wasn’t good enough evidence although the prosecutor did. Subsequently a judge ruled the evidence was admissible (Judge Rules Against).
  • STAT investigations raises questions about Proove Biosciences claimed ability to gene test for drug addiction questionable. Etc.
  • FDA has approved one of the tests 23andMe will test for.
  • Sarah Richardson (Hist. of Sci. Harvard) gave a talk critical of the NIH regulations that all studies should included male and female whether its mice or humans, etc.  She suggests that it is not going to be helpful but will give researchers the license to go back to exploring women’s supposed “inferiority.” She has a book out and a PNAS article on the subject.
  • The AAAS had booths that took blood samples for DNA to predict athleticism. Company we didn’t know about.
  • Jon suggests meeting to discuss Michael Balter’s article in May Scientific American Schizophrenia’s Unyielding Mysteries. Pretty damning picture of the genetics carried put by the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. (Now available)

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