Meeting July 12, 2017

Genes and Society in the News:

Article for Discussion:

Discussion Points:

  • Group agreed article was very well written and a compelling hypothesis. Figures were included that made it possible to follow the idea without the need to access supplemental materials.
  • Novel idea in that the regulation of expression of genes that are core genes for a trait (and somehow implicated in the biological pathway) can be affected through regulation of any gene that is also expressed in the important cell type(s).
  • Liked that the authors’ outlined a series of tests of the omnigenic model.
  • Still requires massive data collection and large scale sequencing projects which are resource and money intensive.
  • Lacked much discussion of environmental variables, both as an explanation for missing heritability and as an alternative way of allocating research dollars in studies of complex disease.
  • Wondered what comments were out there in the blog posts and decided to follow-up in a larger group in the July 26th meeting, assigning a Ken Weiss article to read.

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