Meeting October 12, 2017

Genes and Society in the News:

Article for Discussion:

Discussion Points:

  • Predictive power of ASB mentioned in the conclusions is concerning. This is balanced, somewhat, in the preceding paragraph on authors listing of the study limitations.
  • Sample size is small for gene finding purposes.
  • Article is a meta-analysis study with a wide variability of measures used for ASB traits.  Some studies in this meta-analysis use separate male and female populations and behaviors for identification of the SNPs.
  • Reference is cited (Rhee and Waldman, 2002) with claim from twin and adoption studies that 50% of the variance in ASB is explained by genetic factors
  • With this small sample size, the polygenic score of 5-10% of the variance accounted for may be questionable.
  • Author’s do not favor candidate gene approaches but support GWAS approach
  • No notice of press coverage on this, something to look out for.
  • Munafo co-author here.  Ioannadis and Munafo often co-authors on validation of meta-studies, statistical power of GWAS studies or failure of reproducibility in studies.




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