Meeting November 29, 2017

Genes and Society in the News:

  • .“Gene-Editing Strategy is Thought to be too risky.” NY Times 11/21/2017, p.D3We noted that many of the journalist articles on this say how great it looks but it isn’t moiving as fast as was thought.
  • Gene Therapy’s Strange Roadblock” Gina Kolata. NY Times 11/28/2017. Biotech Companies are having problems with consistency in preparing viruses (the vectors for the therapy) for the tests and enormous costs
  • A Brief History of Everyone Who Lived” by biologist Adam Rutherford. Summary of a lot of the genomic work.  Reviewer in NYTimes Book Review (November 19) emphasizes how little we can interpret ancestry.
  • Jonathan Kahn has just published a book “Race on the Brain” in which he raises problems with the implicit bias test Professor Banaji used to assess an individual’s racism. Kahn argues that these tests distract and make racism personal when institutional racism is the most profound societal features that have promoted and sustained racism. Science Magazine had a negative review of the book.
  • Prevention Genetics (a testing company) suggests that specific facial features may be used to identify genetic conditions with broad effects. In Genome Web, November 29.
  • New York Magazine has an issue on CF describing a child born with CF where the parents had been tested and it was missed. The mother had to sue and say that she didn’t want the baby in order to be able sue for expenses.
  • Jamieson, Annie and Gregory Radick. 2017, July 6. “Genetic Determinism in the Genetics Curriculum: An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Mendelian and Weldonian Emphases,” Science and Education. Muhc of this was a history starting with Mendel, Darwin, etc. The authors are educators in the United Kingdom and the reference to Weldon is a Brit who influenced.genetics education.

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