Meeting March 28, 2018

Genes and Society in the News:

Article for Discussion:

Discussion Points:

  • The article is overall well written and convincing. It does, however, sets up strawmen. Article really isn’t about race, rather about populations but many times in the article race is referred to. While race may be a social construct, David argues that the average genetic differences may still matter. He also argues that genetic ancestry correlates to racial constructs. The “on average” is problematic.
  • Article fails to go into many nuances such as gene/environment interactions.
  • He makes a point that biologists need to take a stand about the area of race and genetics and communicate the complexity so that people do not abuse it. He cites Benjamin’s studies on educational attainment to end article, raising the possibility that average genetic differences may be revealed between populations that could affect intelligence.
  •  Race analogy to the biological difference between men and women is problematic and fails to reveal the complexity of the population genetics that is known. And he does not pay enough attention to cultural impact that leads to sex differences. Gender differences are a bad example for ending article.

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