December 19, 2018 meeting

Genes and Society in the News:

  • MOSAIC is a diversity conference sponsored by colleges in Kentucky for community activists, professors, and students
  • Jeremy Berg et al. Reduced signal for polygenic adaptation of height in UK Biobank. Pre-print on biorxiv
    • New analysis of polygenic selection for height using the UKDataBank. From Graham Coop – this article finds that with the new data there is much less evidence for selection to explain the gradient in height from NW Europe to SE Europe. Previous results saw evidence of selection in polygenic scores. New results with this database show much less evidence – old results may have been due to population stratification. From abstract: “Moreover, these discrepancies highlight (1) that current methods for correcting for population structure in GWAS may not always be sufficient for polygenic trait analyses, and (2) that claims of polygenic differences between populations should be treated with caution until these issues are better understood.”
  • Blog article by Holly Dunworth. Good collection of references from an anthropologist’s point of view

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