Announcements for January 8, 2020 Meeting

Please post announcements of anything in the news or journals that you would like to share. This new feature complements the in-person announcements at our GSWG meetings. Announcements posted here can be brought up for discussions at our meeting or can take place online by replying to any of the postings.

Posts can be made using the “Join the Discussion” box below. You will need to enter your name and your email address to post.

If you have questions or difficulties with posting or replying to an announcement, please send an email to: or
Kostia and Michael

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2303 years ago

No specific announcement – but I have seen a lot of discussion of human genome editing. I think it is likely that there will be one or more international initiatives to assemble information and discuss decision procedures. Do we want to be part of the discussion? Is there an educational aspect of this issue?