Announcements for February 12 Meeting

Please post announcements of anything in the news or journals that you would like to share. This new feature complements the in-person announcements at our GSWG meetings. Announcements posted here can be brought up for discussions at our meeting or can take place online by replying to any of the postings.

Posts can be made using the “Join the Discussion” box below. You will need to enter your name and your email address to post.

If you have questions or difficulties with posting or replying to an announcement, please send an email to: or
Kostia and Michael

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50 years ago

Sales fall for 23andMe DTC kits following an industry wide trend.

408 years ago

From Jon on the Belyaev fox domestication-claimed to be very rapid. Nicholas Wade cited this as example of how humans could also quickly evolve behavioral traits including intelligence. Now this fox study is under strong criticism. Article in the NYTimes:

4484 years ago

More signs of the public conversation shifting in regards to the human genotyping industry: coverage from WIRED on specifically the “genetic income score” (Hill et al 2019 BioRxiv) and Philipp Koellinger (founder of the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium) Researchers Want to Link Your Genes and Income—Should They? A push to calculate a ‘genetic income score’ using giant DNA databases raises a raft of ethical questions. %1$s&ampshare= Are DNA tests worthwhile? A critique %1$s&ampshare=