Announcements for February 26 Meeting

Please post announcements of anything in the news or journals that you would like to share. This new feature complements the in-person announcements at our GSWG meetings. Announcements posted here can be brought up for discussions at our meeting or can take place online by replying to any of the postings.

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Kostia and Michael

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5477 years ago

The Scientist just posted an article in which a genetic tree approach is used to study the spread of viruses – in particular the novel Coronavirus. I think this is interesting because I think the method is similar to that used in the Hundley study – perhaps it is a bit more understandable because the amount of data is so much smaller bute we are still observing worldwide spread. NEWSLETTER_2020&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=83909011&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-91i_2aYYeoRZV2hnphH-XJdOh05rnxR82z3jpwcSQVdhG-yYxqxjJypJOs_cKG0xnm7xIB9mMF_LMcpunL-jckjxC1Wg&_hsmi=83909011

6033 years ago

Here is an article on 6000 years of genetic history in Sardinia. Interesting because it can be tied to the historical and archeological record. Evidence for isolation followed by several different experiences of admixture. I am curious how this data would fare in a Hundly stye tree.

2204 years ago

Some thoughts on what we need for an analysis of the Hunley and Cabana paper

We need definitions:
Serial Founder Effect
Localized gene flow

How is this done?
What is a “global population tree”? How is it constructed?

What is “gene diversity”? How is it measured?

How are the tests of the trees conducted?