Announcements for March 11 Meeting

Please post announcements of anything in the news or journals that you would like to share. This new feature complements the in-person announcements at our GSWG meetings. Announcements posted here can be brought up for discussions at our meeting or can take place online by replying to any of the postings.

Posts can be made using the “Join the Discussion” box below. You will need to enter your name and your email address to post.

If you have questions or difficulties with posting or replying to an announcement, please send an email to: or
Kostia and Michael

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1352 years ago

ACE2 gene is putative receptor for the novel coronavirus. This study looked at allele frequencies of ACE2 coding variants among different populations. Possibility for disease severity differences among populations.

51 years ago

article in Nature (shared by Shelly), about confronting the biases in our own education practices:
Want to do better science? Admit you’re not objective

“…it was not the university’s [UCL] biologists, but its humanities scholars — including curator Subhadra Das and historian Joe Cain — who forced their workplace to confront a sordid history that some geneticists had been willing to overlook.”
“The best research is done not when we pretend that we are perfectly objective, but when we acknowledge that we are not. “